Company should pay attention to what

    move a very troublesome thing, moving is a very good thing, moving in order not to affect the business of the company, and the normal operations of the company, to make the following changes:

    1, relating to licenses address change on,

    2, first change the license, after the Organization code and state tax may also change

    3, then change of banking information, other license, you can grow,

    after moving out make sure to keep in touch before, and told that he moves things, preferably with a new card to replace the previous card. Remember replacing the Internet address, (here suggest that you have your company's original address into the search engine to search and can find all the best modified if too many search results, and then you modify the most important site).

    company is a big deal, and moved in before you get to the new site, to complete all data modifications at a later stage.