How to tell if normal moving company

    moving company when issues bothered a lot of people just can't find the regular moving company, looked after a normal moving company on the Internet and does not believe he is normal moving company.

    1, normal moving company cars, and specifications. Box cars, gondola cars. When your partner is recommended to you when the gondola, you ask did he box cars; instead, you then ask him is there a gondola car. Regular company car is not a problem.

    2, moving companies or low dark moving companies charge the most, to a site for a variety of reasons: take, eat, cards, and other misdeeds. Without them, has not been allowed; furious with breath. So when talking to each other about prices and if the price is low, you have to watch it!

    3, with moving companies to introduce their home situation, be sure to introduce you to that site conditions. Scene know that even after moving company or black moving companies want to add money and difficult.

    4, phone number, method: If you talk to each other about the almost, must ask each other for fixed-line telephone codes, regular telephone tone for moving companies ads voice. If there is no fixed phone, it's best not to use.

    5, request an address method: you don't have to get moving companies, but you can ask, the saying goes, guilty waist naturally straight, if each other to obstruct it, try not to let you go to the moving company, the company may be the black moving company.

    6, when dialogue with the moving company, feeling each other is not a professional operator, if someone is speaking very, very stiff, no affinity, then you must consider them normal moving company!

    7, the best solution is to move the company to sign a deal, small moving company moving company or black are not contracts and seal it!

    8, license law: If you ask the moving company has license, you'll be sure to tell you, but you can ask the business license registration number (registration number can be used in business online), real, fake, no need for me to say!

    in our understanding, whether it is normal moving companies or individuals move with nice service specification is a good moving company, our resolution is not normal moving companies is mainly in order to have a good standard of service, as long as you can put the heart are good moving company moving company. Method with one or two of the above would be able to know what each other is a moving company.