What special cargo

    1. parents of heavy and bulky goods moved heavy cargo is a single piece (the nature of the goods or the shipper should not be split apart the components and strapping) length: 2:6 m, height: 2:2.7 meters, or width::: 2.5 meters, or quality::: 4 tons of cargo.

    (1) characteristics of heavy and bulky goods.

    ① super long. Such goods are mostly steel, bamboo, wood, or other products, such as steel beams, steel pipes, steel, light rail, vehicular, industrial Yu steel, steel plate, pile, timber, bamboo, as well as cement and aluminum poles, long branch, should adopt the long, large trucks or semi-trailer trucks waiting for moving.

    II high and wide. Such goods are iron and steel products, vertical lathe, metal forming machines, transformers, boiler, chemical synthesis components such as towers and bridges, engineering equipment, usually by a large flat car trains moving. Beijing moving company any good

    ③ bulky. Equal to or more than 4 tons of bulky goods, common architecture and construction machinery, such as bulldozers, excavators, rollers, as well as large metal castings and machine equipment, used semitrailer trucks or large flat car trains moving.

    (2) load of heavy and bulky goods. Heavy and bulky goods loading, you must use wood, or steel wire cable firmly fixed to prevent sliding. Goods is longer than the body, (such as steel, steel plates, etc) should be the tailgate with solid wood cushion before or after low-high; for cylinder and ease of rolling cargo, such as rolled steel, roller, you must use the seat frame or recessed wooden reinforcement; beyond body plug the end of the day the red flag, hoisted a red light at night, so that vehicles can drive safely. For very high growth, heavy cargo, to ensure passage prior to bridge or ferry to carry out investigation along, developing effective measures of accidents; the move required by the shipper is equipped with electrical, carrying applications.

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