Furniture Assembly and disassembly

Furniture Assembly and disassembly

    furniture disassembly and Assembly considerations for installation: (refer to disassembling parts, needs attention)

    ① according to number, set in place (according to customer's request), prepared for the installation.

    II opening the package count parts, find the problem report, after opening the package components needed to ensure that security does not hurt, pressure loss, wear away.

    ③ understanding hardware features, difficulties calm

    according to the structure installation tool operation force moderation, ensuring that parts and hardware in good condition.

    dismantled part:  before you begin the whole understanding of the articles determine dismantling order furniture such as two sets of the same type do you need part number, serial number so that different sets of furniture. Moving companies in the process of dismantling dismantling do not demolish the hardware properly, strong mixing to ensure product safety. Apart furniture complete sets of parts should be stacked and packaged in a timely manner (only need to pack parts, such as doors, panels, countertops and other) Panel focused on the positive of which glass components should be marked stacking.? Apart, hardware fittings, shall be packed in a plastic bag, packing if necessary.   The Assembly more complex furniture, disassembly of the circumstances, parts need to be numbered, and hand-painted with the installation diagram, ensuring fast and accurate Assembly. Split solutions process in the note matters: Panel miscellaneous class furniture parts, in not package Qian, as needed stand ground, ground and corner at due blanket bottom, so as not to injury and the parts side; not packaging of Panel, in split solutions process in the to avoid pointed hard parts placed top, so as not to scraping injury surface; package process in the, needed check, will package parts within has no screws, and nail, small hard material; absolute avoid Panel, and table in floor Shang directly drag.