Charge standard


    1. starting at 100/trips, plus 5 on each floor, lifts by 10 Yuan (one-way floor today), spanned 10 extra charge

    2. formula: if moved from the square to the City Hall Square,

    3 floor (no elevator) to 20 (with elevator),-90 (starting price) +3*5 (floor) +10 (Elevator) +10 (spanned) = 125/car

    ER surcharges

    1. precious and special articles: handling 34 inch (above), color TV, double door fridge, safety deposit box, copy machines, aquariums and valuable ceramic glass, antiques, fragile items, such as additional 30-100 yuan per piece, plus 100 piano model 120, 120 (above), plus 140

    2. disassembly and Assembly air conditioning fees: 1.5 (included below) mounted 120; 1.5 (and above) wall 2,200; 2 wall mount, Cabinet 180; 3 200; 280 5 cabinet fluoridation, plus tube rate

    3. furniture disassembly and Assembly costs: two door charge 50 Yuan, plus 90 three-door, four-door plus 100 Yuan

    4. distance: when the car is unable to dock in place, manual handling more than 5 meters, 1 charge per meter

    5. handling fee: each additional loading (discharging) plus 30 yuan

    6. manual handling fee: only manual handling when the vehicle is not needed, per hour/30 yuan (less than one hour by hour charge)