leave a child alone in the car, presumably typical of many parents. When you move, many more parents would choose to have their children stay in custody. In this way, nobody bothering during the moving process, and their handling are going fast. But let the baby alone in the car, but it is a "lethal" behavior. Shenyang move alerts you don't leave kids alone in the car.

    don't move the way a child left alone

    in August 2006, one as young as two years old number of children in Xiangtan City, Hunan province, were stranded for up to 5 hours in the car, and finally suffocated. In May 2007, Anhui Province, a 3-year-olds were stranded school bus within 6 hours, without any self-help capacities of children eventually died in a coma in 30 c heat. August of the same year, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, a 1 year old child was forgotten by the teacher in kindergarten children smothered by the car for 6 hours.

    in Australia tested the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland, the car parked in the Sun after 1 minute, the temperature inside the car will increase from 19 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees, seven minutes to reach high temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius. If the body temperature at 41.5 degrees Celsius would cause permanent injury and even death to humans. Adults average oxygen intake by about 40 mL/kg of body weight per minute, children's metabolic activity, unit weight of oxygen demand even more. That is to say, a child who weighs 25kg need to inhale at least 300 litres of air per hour to maintain normal metabolism. Enclosed small spaces easily lead to hypoxia in children in the car, in severe cases, can lead to suffocation.

    should turn on the child lock and auto vehicles moving window lock

    forced to put the process of moving the children alone when the car, should turn on the child lock and window locks automatically. Because the children's natural curiosity makes them pull the door switch and automatic window elevator buttons, this is very dangerous from a moving vehicle. If you often take the children in the car, rear door child lock should be open and lock the window automatically to avoid child touches. Child door lock switch in the vehicle left rear, right rear door side wall below the latch. Once the child lock switch is open, the door will be opened only from the outside. So as to protect children in vehicles in the vehicle to open the door to danger.

    reminded to move the crowd

    in the process of moving, whenever possible do not leave the child alone in the car. Children's metabolisms than adults active at high temperatures for a short time, hypoxic conditions claimed the lives of children. Children are born good move, move remember to lock the trunk at any time on the way, preventing children from entering, and often tell their children not to play in the car.