changes moving contracts were moving contracts not fulfilled or not until full implementation, by agreement of the parties in accordance with an agreement or as required by law, to move certain terms and modify or supplement the content of the contract. Lift moving contracts were moved before the contract not to perform or not to perform, agreed by the parties or as required by law, lifted economic and legal relations determined by the contract the parties advance end moving contract.

    (1) move after the contract is signed, where one of the following situations occurs, allows the change or cancel:

    ① bearing, supporting both sides through consultation, and does not damage the interests of countries and the implementation of the plan.

    ② signing moving contracts are based on the national plan was modified or canceled.

    ③, supporting one party due to the closure, production, converting and cannot perform the moving contract.

    II due to force majeure or because the party is without fault, but does not prevent the external factor, resulting in Shenyang move fails to perform.

    II due to the breach, moving contract formation to unnecessary trouble.

    (2), Shenyang company modification or rescission of the contract, must comply with the conditions in accordance with the following principles:

    ① according to agreed principles

    。 ② the prescribed time limit for processing.

    ③ according to jurisdictional requirements.

    II in written form.

    II assumed responsibility.

    (3), the liability for breach of moving contract violations moved contract, refers to moving the contractual parties and the higher authorities or competent authorities, personal and other persons directly responsible, caused by own fault to move the contract cannot be performed or not performed inches, must be subjected to economic sanctions prescribed by the regulations. Contrary to move the contract responsibilities fall into three categories:

    moving and supporting the parties ' liability for breach of the contract;

    by superior competent authority responsibility of the agency or business;

    direct personal responsibility of those responsible.