there are young children in the move is not a trivial way, especially in long distance moves on the way. Kids naughty by nature, believe it will happen. Especially in the car, although the child to wear a seat belt, but because the move was too tired to take a NAP, it may cause greater risk.

    before the parents moved to remind

    moving company in Shenyang to remind you: move the way a child's car safety is very important. Traffic control Department has information on child restraint more and more, parents don't hesitate buying their children toys, eating, providing a good education, it's hard to see parents buying their children a safe seat.

    traffic accident to remind parents to move vehicles best buy a safety seat for children, in case of greater risk. On May 9 last year, Beijing's Changan Jie Qi Jiayuan Road South, a Infiniti rear-Fiat, to the vehicle in front, 1 dead, 2 injured. Was seriously injured in the accident died 6 female Tong Zhuzhu injuries rescue invalid, it may give parents knocked a Bell.

    at present, there are over 40 countries in the world have issued regulations. Mandatory use of child safety seats, mainly United States and the United Kingdom, and Germany, and Japan and other developed countries. United Kingdom legislation is passed on September 18, 2006: children under 3 years old, 3 years old to 12 years or children under 135 cm must use child safety in the car seat or raised seating. And our country GB child safety seats is to be announced, mandatory legislation is to be announced, when the children did not use safety seats inside the car will be fine.

    in the process of moving, parents not only to do the child's education, and "hardware" are matched. The kid is going to grow, "software" and "hardware" together.